Our Impact

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Our Impact

Your Gift Makes a Difference


Big Z Recipients


Cheyenne is a ten-year-old oncology patient who was treated, but sadly relapsed and resumed treatment in 2020. Due to the pandemic her mom had to close her business as a manicurist. Dad’s job also suffered due to the pandemic creating a struggle to keep up with essential household expenses. The Big Z Foundation paid their mortgage for a month and provided a check to offset other expenses.


Carter (8 years old) was diagnosed with leukemia and needed to stay in the hospital for 1-2 months for treatment. He lives with his single mom and older brother. Mom is a high school math teacher. Her colleagues donated sick/vacation time so Mom could be with Carter, however; the family was struggling with essential household expenses-particularly mortgage payments. The Big Z Foundation provided a grant to cover mortgage for a month. (This picture was picked out by Carter himself)


Deena, a six-year-old oncology patient who began battling neuroblastoma in 2018, has recently relapsed and resumed treatment. Deena’s single mom has had to reduce her work hours due to Deena’s illness and required care, making it difficult to keep up with essential household expenses. The Big Z Foundation was able to provide financial relief assisting Deena and her mom with rent at this challenging time.


“I just received a check from y’all for $1000 to help pay for hotel expenses while my daughter Isabella is hospitalized out of state. I’m very grateful, thankful, and I just want to say thank you for helping us. You’re amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!”


Isabella’s Mother

Every donation, no matter the size, means the world to us – and more importantly – the families we serve with a child diagnosed with serious pediatric illness. All proceeds are directly contributed to the Big Z Foundation which provides families in need with travel and hotel accommodations, medical claim cost assistance, college scholarships for patients/siblings, and funeral assistance.